Quartorigio Desiderio

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La Prima amplifiers are designed to be without exception the finest, most elegant mobile amplifiers in the world. Pure in form and design; a topology without compromise and a sound that is transparent. effortless, dynamic and incredibly vivid. The Prestigio, Prodigio and the ultimate Desiderio are each very special true dual mono designs and born of Desiderio. Reserved for those who wondered how to supercede the reference performance of the acclaimed Tempo amplifiers. These amplifiers are serious world class musical reference car audio instruments built with great care and precision to be the best.

Power supply: 9-15Vcc

Standby current: <6A

Input sensivity: 0.4-8V

Input impedance: 47KΩ

Output power 4Ω @ 12V: 325Wx2

Output power 2Ω @ 12V: 605Wx2

Output power 1Ω @ 12V: 1050Wx2

Output power mono 4Ω @ 14.4V: 1210Wx1

Output power mono 2Ω @ 14.4V: 2100Wx1

Frequency response: ±dB 10Hz-30KHz

Signal/Noise ratio: <100dB

Dimensions (WxHxD): 516x104x415mm

Weight: 18.3Kg