B² Audio RAGE 600.4



Expanding our R line, The RAGE is now complemented with 3 new amplifiers. Each of these unique to their own, a 2.5 KW mono, the RAGE1200.6 – a 6 channel assymetrical compact amp & the even smaller RAGE600.4 – 600 watt 4 channel, which is narrower than a 1$ bill. These new designs & their small footprints leaves nothing spared. In fact, they have inherited features from the M and Zero series amplifiers. Low voltage indicators & clip sensors, on either the amp or the bass remote, is another new trait added to the Rage amplifiers.

The ACCU8 crossovers with designated frequencies on the potentiometers, makes it simple to tune your sound like a pro. But with less experience and tools needed. The RAGE600.4 and the RAGE1200.6 offer low, high & bandpass crossovers, making them more capable in sq systems where a more basic dsp can be used.

Compact power

13.7″ x 5.6″ (35 cm x 14.2 cm) is all it takes to house 1200 watts divided into 6 channels. Making it a perfect option for those wanting run a single amp for their entire system, maybe even a 3 way active front set in combination with a dedicated sub amp like the RAGE2500.1. The assymetrical configuration of the RAGE1200.6 is set up with ch 5 & ch 6 having twice the power of  the remaining individual channels. Bridged you will see an excess of 600 watts, more than enough to power midwoofers and subwoofers in most cases.

If you have limited space for audio upgrades, the 600 watts out of the RAGE600.4 is the solution. The 9.5″ x 5.6″ (23 cm x 14.2 cm) footprint makes it ideal to use in bikes, boats & as a hideaway amp for a cleaner install.  Clipping led, low voltage indicators & wide range ACCU8 crossovers with band pass configuration on all channels, sets the amp aside from the rest.

More of all

Still power hungry? The second gen mono in the RAGE series is more of all. Surpassing the previous model, The RAGE2500v2 has 25% more power at 1 ohm & nearly 60% more at 4 ohm! The heatsink is slightly wider, but  near 3″ shorter, housing the Penta core power supply.  Sufficient battery power without clipped signals is still important, that’s why the Bass remote has  a clip indicator. If 2500 watts isn’t enough, then you can strap it with another amplifier. 2 amplifiers will work as one and 5000 watts is able to power any subwoofer(s) from B2 audio. The RAGE / RAGE XL and even the RAMPAGE subwoofers performs beyond expectations when paired with the RAGE2500v2.
The ACCU8 crossovers can be found on both the subsonic and the low pass.