B² Audio RAGE 6D2 Subwoofer

 199.00 inkl. MwSt.

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At times you need to exaggerate to make a point. These new subwoofers with their unique design and features doesn’t need to capture the trend, the RAGE sets the trend.
Positioned above the RIOT & below the XL subwoofers, the 1200 watt rating makes it great for intermediate setups.

Available in 12″ and 15″ & in both dual 2 and dual 4 ohm they offer flexible wiring.  A perfect fit for a RAGE multichannel or even a multiple setup with the RAGE2500 amplifier.  For the 12″ model we chose an entirely new platform. The custom tooled basket offers superior stability & linear excursion, even when pushed to the limit. All the subwoofers have oversized dual tinsel leads on a 10″ progressive spider. The triple slug motor design offers plenty of ventilation for the 3″ voice coil. Implementing features of the XL series such as ventilated pole piece, XD (cross drilled pole) flow and 8 flared additional vents shows the abilities of the RAGE.


Is your RAGE small, thus confined space, the 6.5 & the 8″ RAGE subwoofers have gained a lot of traction these recent years (previously HNX series). They are great subwoofers for underseat enclosures in trucks & SUV’s. Most popular installs are with either 6 x 6.5″ or 4 x 8″ powered by a single 2500 w amp. Need a single woofer setup? These RAGE’s have the authority to widen the the frequency response of any high end factory system.

Be outRAGEous!