B² Audio Rage 6.5″ D2

 249.00 inkl. MwSt.


The master of disguise, the versatile series with an attitude. Daily Driver, SQL & Competition, they all define the B2 HN’s subwoofers. Using only the finest materials such as non pressed paper carbon fiber blended cones, increases efficiency & stability when cone excursion is at the most. A newly designed «stretch foam» surround with tall roll are now used in the entire subwoofer lineup. As a bonus, they all feature dual stitching.

With an increased power handling of up to 50%, all the HN’s now have quad flat tinsel leads (8 in total per subwoofer, except for HNX6.5/HNX8). Even the motor has grown, now it’s a triple slug, 8.7″ wide and 530 Oz, extending both xmax and motor force. The larger xmax also made us redesign the suspension. Now up to 10″ black nomex spiders with progressive rolls ensures the linearity of the subwoofer. In order to handle the even higher power rating efficiently, the XD Pole (cross drilled) has an even larger AFS (Air Flow System) securing the 3″ 8 layer US voice coil is kept cooler when needed.

2016 spawned the HNX18 v3, which increases the voice coil to a 4″ with a 6 layer flat aluminum wire winding (instead of 8 layer flat wound wire 3″). But why stop there, the latest addition has enlarged the HNX grasp, so now it also covers the new HNX65 (6.5″) subwoofer and the CC8 derivative HNX8 (8″) subwoofer. Both come with dual 2 ohm voice coils, stitched tall roll foam surrounds and as usual impressive motors made of the same premium materials the other HN’s are made with.

The HN is now a driver without compromise, taking on any competitor in both sound quality and SPL.

Specifications: HNX65 D2
Frequency Response: 10 Hz ~ 500 Hz
Sensitivity 2.83 v: 86.2 dB
Nominal Impedance: Dual 2 Ohm
DC Resistance Series (RE): 1.9 Ohm
Resonance Frequency (FS): 48.9 Hz
Power Handling: 300 Watts
Peak Dynamic Power Handling: 600 Watts
QMS: 5.07
QES: 0.39
QTS:  0.37
VAS: 3.7 L
Voice Coil Diameter: 2″
CMS: 130 um/N
MMS: 75.8 g
BL² /RE: 61.6
Magnet Slug Weight: 80 Oz
XMAX: 15 mm / 0.59″
Displacement: 1.6 L / 0.056 cu.ft