Sinfoni Capriccio C250.2SW

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A new level of performance for this catagory that is pure Quartorigo; Made in Italy and offering true high end Subwoofers performance that is audiophile quality. The C250.2 10″ and C320.2 12″ subwoofers are designed to play low with a very accurate response and low distrotions allowing for a seamless blending of the systems speakers. Their ability to mesh with the systems speakers is startling and allows you to enjoy the music again not the speakers interpretation of the music. The Capriccio subwoofers will compliment any high-end High performance system and their capability to produce thunderous output will allow for the reproduction of great dynamics.

Normal Impedance: 4+4Ω
Power RMS: 150W
Voice Coil Ø: 65mm
Sensivity: 88dB
Fs: 23Hz