DD Audio Z 315 D1



DD Audio Z15 is a 15-inch subwoofer from the Z collection. The Z-series is DD Audio’s flagship series, made possible by DD Audio’s experience in designing and manufacturing high-end subwoofers. The latest innovations in technology and materials combined with precise hand-made assembly work. The result is a completely different subwoofer whose performance is completely different from what you have been used to until now. In the magnet structure, the Neodymium rods are in a symmetrical vertical position around the voice coil. In this way, the stray flux is reduced and the magnetic force on the voice coil is increased. In addition, the open magnet structure enables really effective cooling of the voice coil. DD Audio does not indicate any number for the element for power duration. The power duration is still sufficient for most needs. One element of the Z series has a reading of 180 dB, which has already been exceeded several times in dB Drag Race competitions. You can also get this element:•with a different colored cone•with a different colored dust cup•0. with 25 ohm coils•0. with 5 ohm coils•0. With 75 ohm coils•1. With 5 ohm coils•2 ohm coils