Pride HP Light 15

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RMS 1200 W
X Max (BL 50%) 20 mm one way
Re Ω 1,8+1,8 ohm
Fs 29,8 Hz
Qts 0,63
Sd 774 cm²
Vas 58 L
Sens (1W/1m) 86,9 dB
Sens (2.83Vrms/1m) 90,6 dB
Physical feature
Magnet’s material High-quality ferrite rings
Magnet’s Diameter
Magnet quantity 2 rings
Magnet’s weight 4120 g
Frame material Steel
Voice coil material High Temperature Copper
Voice coil D 2,8 inch
Height Voice coil
Mounting Depth 196 mm
Diameter of the mounting hole 357 mm