LEVEL 6 18″m3 Dual 1,4Ohm

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Level 6 CARBON

The Lv6m4 is DC Audio’s 4” Coil Beast. It has evolved into what most big builds are after. A sub that can take lots of power and Crush Out the Lows!!

With a world that has access to amplifiers of today’s size we knew we needed a subwoofer that could keep up, A Large flat wound 4” Coil and 10” Spaced Spiders with Plenty of Xmax clearance is what we have to offer in the Level 6!!

The new Lv6m4 will find itself at home in the SPL lanes or slappin down your hometowns cruise strip.

To really step it up with this driver take a look at the Carbon Fiber cone and dustcap options available for it.


Mounting Depth 29,21cm
Mounting Hole Diameter 42,54cm
Outside Driver Diameter 47cm
Motor Width 25cm
Weight 42kg
VC Diameter 4″
Displacement .26³ ft
Magnet Weight 38kg
Power Handling RMS/Peak 4500/9000
Impedance (Ohm) D.7/D1/D1.4/D2

Key Features
• Extrem steife Carbon-Faser Konusanordnung
• Mehrschichtparkett verstärkte Polymerschaums Surround
• 9 „OD Linear Rolle Spinnen
• 16 Extra schwere interweaved Litzenführung
• Aluminium-Rahmen schwarz
• FEA analysiert und optimiert Motor Montage – Komplett CNC gefräst
• Gummilager Dichtung
• 8 AWG Direkte führt
• DVC 4.0 „8 Ober-Hallo-Temp-Aluminium-Schwingspule gewickelt auf einem verstärkten Edelstahl Schwingspulenkörper mit hoher Stromaufnahme Streifen.

Sd 1217cm²
Vas 67.02 liters
Cms 0.0325mm/n
Mms 588.52g
Fs 36.4
BL 36.25N/A
Re 4.02 Ohm
Qms 22.43
Qes .0416
Qts .409
Xmax 31.25 mm
Ref SPL @ 1 watt 90.7dB
Suggested Sealed N/A Suggested Ported 160Liter


Carbon Fiber

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DC Audio hand makes Carbon Fiber parts for their subwoofers. What are some of the advantages of this?

The Carbon Fiber / Carbon Kevlar options are for the guys that really want to push a subs potential. The Cone and Cap assembly allows the soft parts of the driver to reach SPL levels not achievable with traditional paper or polypropylene parts.

The Cone is constructed from a light weight combination of composite materials. It features a Carbon Fiber face, foam core and a Kevlar backing for the most amount of strength possible as well as a high gloss resin.

If your looking for a competitive edge over the guy next to you in the lanes, consider a DC Subwoofer with the full Carbon Fiber package!!


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