DD Audio LE-M06d

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LE-M is more! DD Audio’s LE-M06d is a compact ready-made enclosure. The new generation of the popular LE-M06 ready-made case, which is even better than its predecessor. The element has been completely renewed and gives more low bass thanks to the lower fs value. The lower suspension, upper suspension, cone and all parts of this little giant have been designed and made new to get an even better end result. An excellent choice for the cabin of a pick-up truck or van or a car. Fits easily under the trunk curtain of an estate car and under the seat of many vans. The outer dimensions of the case have remained the same as before.

Recommended amplifier: 250-500 W
Voice coil diameter: 2″
Impedance: 2x 2ohms
Dimensions: 355 x 203 x 266 mm
Shipping Weight: 12 kg