DD Audio BASS KIT DD D600 + LE-ST06D-D2

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DD Audio’s Basskit includes a reflex-encased 6.5″ LE-ST06D-D2 subwoofer + a really compact D600 1ohm stable mono amplifier. LE-ST06 new housing design can fit this subwoofer in small spaces such as: behind and under the seats of trucks, behind the seats of pick-up trucks or in the trunk of a traditional passenger car without taking up too much space. The element used in the case is DD Audio 506d-D2 and the tuning frequency of the case is 38Hz. D-series amplifiers are compact amplifiers with full-size features. The D600 is a 1 ohm monoblock subwoofer amplifier with a total output power of 600 watts. Adjustment has been made easy with the filters in use, as well as the clip light. Installation is facilitated by controls and connections placed on the same side, input mode switches and automatic start options. For boats, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. Suitable coated internal circuits and corrosion resistant switches provide better moisture resistance. Although very compact, the D-series amplifiers still feature screw terminals and speaker connections, separate output sections, and robust anodized aluminum heatsinks. This ensures that the power management is correct from start to finish, which increases both operational stability and long-term durability.