Phoenix Gold ZXK35

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Phoenix Gold ZXK35 is an amplifier mounting kit with 35 mm² power and ground cable.

Phoenix Gold ZXK current crystals use a CCA cable as the power and ground cable. It is cheaper to manufacture than OFC cable.

The ZXK mounting kits include a MiniANL fuse and MiniANL fuse box of a suitable size for the cable, as well as fork connectors to the amplifier end if the amplifier needs them. The power and ground cable has a pre-attached connector at the end of the battery and body for easy installation of the kit.

The Phoenix Gold ZXK35 power kit also includes an RCA cable with an integrated excitation power cable, but we always recommend using a separate excitation power cable to ensure hardware operation. The package also includes cable ties and an accordion tube to protect and secure the cables.


  • 5.2 meters 35 mmq CCA power cable
  • 0.8 meters of 35 mmq CCA underground cable
  • Power and ground cables with silicone-based insulation
  • 5.5 meter RCA cable with excitation cable
  • MiniANL fuse box
  • MiniANL fuse