Phoenix Gold ZPRO36 Hochtöner

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The sensitivity of the Phoenix Gold ZPRO36 treble is 102 dB / 1W / 1m. Sounds loud.

This bullet treble is designed for use in equipment that seeks high volume at a reasonable power. We recommend using 3-4kHz high-pass filtering. Capacitors are included, which are connected between the speaker plus cable if you play elements without another crossover filter. These tweeters are also available as a pre-encapsulated package with Phoenix Gold ZPRO654 midbasses, the case is Phoenix Gold ZPROB654 .


  • impedance 4 ohms
  • power consumption 75 W RMS, 220 W Peak (with suitable filtration of course)
  • sensitivity 102 db / 1W / 1m
  • voice coil size 25 mm (1 ″)
  • mounting hole diameter 72 mm (requires more space for connectors)
  • installation depth 37 mm
  • outer flange diameter 98 mm
  • comes with a filter capacitor that MUST be USED unless there are other suitable filters in the system
  • the price is a pair price